Miss Spiteful – South East London Mistress

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I specialise in corporal punishment and rope bondage.

Tied and teased is a delicious way to enjoy bondage. You can be sexually aroused but you won’t be able to do anything about it because you’ll be in inescapable bondage so you’ll have to ask me to help you achieve some relief. Being tied up in rope is a very sensual, exquisite experience; it makes you feel both safe and comforted yet at the same time vulnerable. I might also dress you up in women’s clothes before tying you up to prove what a sissy you are.

I offer two distinct types of CP. The first you can play the part of a school-boy or my naughty nephew where I am going to teach you the error of your ways. This session starts with a warm-up and progresses to the cane on the bare.
I also give severe judicial punishments with the cane or whip. There is no warm-up, no safe word and once you’ve been sentenced, that’s what you’ll get. Punishment starts at 72 strokes, but could be a lot more; depends on how I feel. I hit very hard and very accurately with the cane.

Am I unnecessarily cruel? Of course I am; God made me cruel.

All sessions begin immediately. I don’t give safe words. I don’t care about your human rights.

Think you can take this?

Telephone: 020 8855 1011

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