London Mistresses – Princess Jessika

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Live sessions are usually held at my Central London apartment, though sessions at specialist dungeons can be arranged.

I enjoying various forms of play, from physical punishment using a variety of implements to psychological torture and mind games. I will hurt a masochist and humilate a submissive.

I enjoy my power over you, I may humiliate you, trample on you or torture your genitals.

I may tie you up, gag you and beat you.

I may trample you and piss on you; I may cage you and ignore you.

Whatever, I do, you will want to come back for more because I have a way of getting inside your mind, and because I genuinely understand what you need from Me, what you want from a Mistress and I truly want you to enjoy every minute of your time with Me, even when you are begging Me to stop.

You have a submissive soul. You cannot be content without being controlled and dominated. If I treat you with cruelty, that is a clear reinforcement of how helpless your situation is and it increases your sense of being controlled. You may truly hate the punishments, tortures and humiliations I inflict on you but I know your soul will be content.

Sessions are from £180, plus any extra dungeon costs if applicable.

Double domme sessions can be arranged as well as domme/sub double sessions.  These are from £300 per hour.

For first time sessions we will be having a 15 – 30 minute drink and chat beforehand in order to get the most out of our time in the session.  I don’t charge for this time.