London Mistresses – Miss K Stinger

German Dominatrix with a passion to inflict pain and sometimes to switch

I administer corporal punishment and play out BDSM games in a domestic setting in New Barnet. I amDominant beauty who seeks submissive males for strict obedience training. Prepare to be melted and reformed in the white heat of my implacable power and control. I am a 5’ 8” tall statuesque lady in my early 40ies, with long dark hair and curves – strict, dignified and icily authoritative. I am adept at all forms of role play: schoolma’am, manageress, magistrate, policewoman, nursing sister/matron, reformatory governess, or simply a very strict mummy or maiden aunt. None of the foregoing is necessary, of course.You may simply wish to quiver under the cool, implacable authority of a powerful woman. Whatever your personal tastes, the moment you enter my domain you will be overwhelmed by a sense of female power, the power of an ancient matriarchy now in the process of resurrection. It is a power that will be practically applied – in no uncertain terms – to you!I have an impressive array of paddles, tawses, hairbrushes, riding crops and plimsolls. I am an expert at using them all – in particular my spankings by hand can be eye-watering, and several of my devotees have said they are the hardest they have ever received. I love to administer the cane. I enjoy punishing naughty boys who do not obey and have to be taught a harsh lesson. A caning from me is an experience that you will not forget – ever. You will be left with a series of neat, evenly-spaced stripes on your bottom as a reminder of what it means to be under the absolute authority of a truly dominant woman.

I like to incorporate BDSM i.e teasing balls and clamping nipples, foot/heel whoreship, bondage, golden shower outdoors, strap on services, all depending on what you need to get you in line again.I am the ultimate expert with a strap-on. I will securely tie you to my pedestal and penetrate you without mercy, insistently exploring every inch of your innermost parts. You will feel that your whole being is on fire and even that your gender is being called into question. The discomfort you are feeling will grow to a hum of pleasure as my repeated, implacable thrusts turn your flesh to jelly.Sometimes I like switch sessions and you may get the opportunity to spank and and cane me.

New Barnet, North London, is my nearest train station, easy to reach 6 min walk from train station or High Barnet Tube (Bus 307 ). For tribute contact me on

M: 07923 24681 or Email [email protected]
No pussy, No arse licking requests, No scating.