London Mistresses – Miss Davenshaw CEO

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Its been tough, I know. You’ve searched high and low, over field and dale. At last you’ve found me. A beautiful, powerful English Mistress…

THE STRICT CITY BITCH you’ve only dreamt of getting close to…
You will get to know much more about me when we meet and I about you, but in the meantime, it’s only fair to divulge a little about me and how I came to be the woman you seek…

I was privately educated in the US and the far east. I acquired a passion for travel, experiencing the unexplored and the exotic- and a lust for life that has never left me.

As you can see from my pictures I have a lithe, slim and toned physique. I have silky smooth skin, stunning blue eyes and a very beautiful face…

From an early age I knew I had a very kinky streak, in my fantasies I was always the dominant, always in control…

One of my favourite playground games was wrestling one of the boys to the floor, tying them up and taking them prisoner… Sometimes I would leave them tied up for hours, and they of course adored every minute.

My desire to dominate men naturally led me into the world of business…The perfect environment for me to thrive – I have a team of men who I steer and control and who cater for my every need..they work hard at keeping their boss happy. At all times. Naturally.

When I’m not in the office, you might catch me thrashing the boys playing polo at The Royal Berkshire on a summer’s day, taking my sexy black Carrera GT2 for a spin, or perhaps shopping in the boutiques of Milan with one of my loyal servants to carry my bags….

However, what might interest you more is my most favourite of pastimes by far….and that is to play with, tantalise, dominate and control men. Just like you…If you are polite and truly subservient I may consider seeing you… you lucky, lucky thing.

My interests are varied but it is role play that I enjoy more than anything……I can be playful or cruel, sensual or merciless….…it all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…

I look forward to meeting you…

My Sessions

Age play
Ball Busting
Body Worship
Boots- Thigh high/ Riding/ Ankle/ Stiletto Heel/ Toe
Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM)
Clothes/ Lingerie ripping or destroying
Corporal Punishment (Hard and Accurate. Can cane without leaving welts)
Cross Dressing/ Complete Transformations
Corner Time
Dangling (shoe)
Dog Training
Domestic Servitude
Double Domination Sessions
Face Sitting (Clothed)
Financial Domination
Foot Worship
Foot Massage
Food Play
Forced Feminisation
Forced Exercise / Personal Training session
Forced Bi
Human Ashtray
Human Furniture
Ignored (being)
Leg Worship
Lingerie / Vintage Hosiery
Lipstick Fetish
Nail Fetish (painted or long)
Maid Training
Photographs (taken during session if you wish)
Public Humiliation
Sissy/ Slut Training
Sensory Deprivation
Shopping Trips
Skype Sessions
Smothering (clothed)
Soaping (of the mouth)
Spanking / Over The Knee (OTK)
Small penis Humiliation (SPH)
Tease and Denial
Tickle Torture
Tie and Tease
Vanilla woman watching
Verbal abuse
Vore ( Watching me eat)
Waxing / Wax play

Perhaps there is something you are interested in that I have not listed. Ask me.

NB:I DO NOT ALLOW INTIMATE BODY WORSHIP OR SEXUAL SERVICES.I am a dominatrix, NOT an escort.Please do not confuse the two.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07951 312 523

+447951 312 523 (IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE UK)

For advance appointments I would prefer for you to contact me first by email, giving me as much detail as possible with regards to how you would like to be treated and what you desire. The more specific you can be the better.

If you would like to see me that day, then by all means call. I require at least 3 hours notice. I never answer withheld numbers so please check your phone before you call to avoid any disappointment.

My Location:

Covent Garden