Liverpool Mistresses – Goddess Salvia

Let us express ourselves. Open up our consciousness.

Let me enjoy exploring your body and mind.

Allow me to toy with your limits and discover why and where your boundaries lie, and how they can be utilized and cultivated.

I am very intuitive with a good sense of humour and empathy.

In sessions you will find me skilled and strict.

I always remain completely in the moment throughout the experience. It will be my goal to teach you to live in the moment and be as present as possible at all times.

I want you to trust and respect me.

I am sardonically cruel with a penchant for the dramatic.

Charming one moment Vicious the next; a session with me will be a paradox for you!

You will experience a truly incredible journey. You won’t know if you are coming or going?

I will expect you to be courteous with meticulous hygiene at all times.

The Salvia Goddess is a female entity that is often reported by those who have partaken of Salvia divinorum, a sacred plant of the indigenous Mazatec people in the Oaxaca state of Mexico. The Mazatec sacramental use of Salvia divinorum puts them in contact with a female entity that they associate with the Christian Virgin Mary. They call her “Ska Maria la Pastora”. Outside of Oaxaca, those who have partaken of Salvia divinorum also frequently see visions of a female entity as well. Users of Salvia divinorum outside of Mexico often call both the plant and the female entity Sally, or “Maria the shepherdess”. Although descriptions of her vary, accounts at Erowid usually describe a shy and modest, but wise and thoroughly alien acorporeal disincarnate being, whose intentions generally appear to be the transferral of information relating to the personal growth of the person having consumed Salvia. Some reports detailing negative experiences will describe seeing or sensing a female entity reprimanding the author, and such usually occur when Salvia has been consumed in a reckless or cavalier manner, often in conjunction with other substances (particularly alcohol and/or cannabis). This implies that the entity demands the act of consuming Salvia to be accompanied with at least a certain degree of reverence, and if this is done, from what has been described, a positive experience is usually the result.

Booking Information:

The Mistress’s chambers are located in a discreet location close to the Brighton sea front with easy access and convenient close parking.

The Goddess will NOT tolerate poor manners in anyone who would like to serve her, nor does she tolerate time wasters.

Do NOT send vulgar or rude messages, these will be ignored.

The Goddess demands respect at all times. We do not accept calls from withheld numbers.

[email protected]