West Midlands Mistress – Miss Julia Taylor

Welcome to my World, a place were you can live out your hidden fantasies & fetishes in a comfortable & respectful environment.

 I am Miss Julia Taylor, and truly blessed to be so. A beautifully sadistic Pro Dom in every sense of the word, sensually energetic & divinely deviant. There is nothing more pleasurable than discovering your deepest, innermost hidden fetishes & desires, then coaxing them out of you to bring them to life.

 Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by my stunningly petite stature, perfect body & beautiful mind as my well honed sensual aggression is never to far away.

 After 20 years in the adult industry, I am pleased to finally be able to invite you to enter my constantly growing House of Sin. My own private Labyrinth, which is the stage for me to conduct you through your personally tailored experience.
My belief is that the more I know about your fantasy & fetish, the more pleasurable your experience is for me. Open & honest communications are a must in my world.

 Consider this an invitation to dare to enter my world, to find & free your inner kink.
Experience & Novice All Welcome.

 Website : www.missjuliataylor.com
Telephone : 07581 022946
Twitter : @missjulia2013