Norwich Mistresses – Ava Von Medisin

Equal to the most powerful drug and the most ravished addiction I am the only ingredient that is to be desired for the most sensual, delicious and intoxicating medicine. Once dispensed and tasted, I will devour your aspirations, leaving your mind and body in a constant state of fetish nirvana.

My curvaceous body is exquisite and is of the purest decadent elegance which portrays the finest specimen of superior femininity and powerful fetishistic sexuality.

My red painted lips only need to whisper a commanding well-mannered English tone to drop you to your knees, while my dark passionate eyes penetrate your soul, laying your most perverted secrets naked and exposed.

Ardent of the profligate of 1950’s glamour lingerie, stockings and killer high heels, I am very much a provocateur of Femme-Fatale eroticism.

The intensity of your weaknesses only indulges my arousal and excels my needs to release you of your strength of mind. Once captivated under my hypnotic charm, your mind, body and soul will be transfixed within a complexed entanglement of your utmost physical and psychological fears and desires.

As an elite Dominant I am capable of great generosity, understanding and sensuality, but these acts come with a parallel ability for the most perverse exploits of degradation, intense sadism and fetish eroticism.

I practice consensual BDSM with the highest level of privacy, cleanliness and personal understanding, taking into consideration the individual hard limitations and levels of those that are privileged to serve me.

I do not operate with safe words, allowing this, is handing you the control and power from the start. Having great knowledge and experience that permits me to read and understand body language, also leaves you to the mercy of my better judgement. I do however have a system that I have in place for those that need a safety net!

07879 331715