Manchester Mistresses – Mistress Nyx

Mistress Nyx, a self-confessed, life-long sexual deviant and adept governor of men, is a highly experienced, devilishly imaginative and talented lifestyle pervert, covering virtually all aspects of Domination, ranging from sensual teasing to more heavy and extreme play…
She will seduce you into submission; Her object of control; Her entertainment..

A mere commodity to be used by Mistress to satisfy her ever-growing lust for kink and cruelty. Stripped of your clothes, your autonomy, your identity and, as a by-product, whatever remnants of selfhood remains, will find itself in a tailspin of emotions: excitement, arousal , fear, apprehension; until finally, a trembling heap of what used to be a man, left quivering in post orgasmic bliss. Euphoric. Mind blown. Mistress’s work complete!