London/Stoke on Trent Mistress – Elizabeth Swan

At high school I fought with boys. At college I seduced and discarded in equal measure. At drama school I beat two male students with belts and enjoyed the buzz of them being on stage with me bleeding under their restoration costumes. Then I calmed down and became a dominatrix.
My name is Elizabeth Swan. Welcome to my world.

I have been a dominatrix for ten years and in that time I have had a lot of adventures with my friends. Yes, technically they are my slaves but I have never fitted into the stereotypical domme role and the men that I choose to see don’t fit into the usual mould of slave.

I like to have fun in my sessions. I won’t shout at you though I may make you cry.
It is impossible to say what a standard session entails as each one is different. I will say though that I am imaginative and wicked which is a lethal combination! To be specific though I offer the domination usuals from CP to CBT, humiliation, feminisation, strap-on and tie and tease but all with my unique twist.
I like games. With LOTS of penalties…
Now for the small print.
My dungeon is in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
I also visit London regularly and session out of a dungeon in Pimlico.
My working hours are as follows;
Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends.
Minimum session time is 90 minutes.
Deposits paid to my bank account are a must.

Lastly all good slaves know that they should thoroughly research any Domme whom they are considering visiting.

This is my website:

I have published books on Amazon including my journey from kinky girl to professional Dominatrix.

I regularly upload content onto my Patreon page

including tasks and audio stories.
My AdultWork profile is

If you would like to be considered send me an email and if I like the cut of your jib we will go from there.

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[email protected]
Elizabeth Swan X