London Spanking – Mistress Dominica de Sin


I was brought up in a family where domestic punishment was a way of life, So, I know first-hand the therapeutic values a hard spanking or caning can have on you.Hands up all you men out there who have craved, and longed for a hard spanking over a beautiful, and powerful woman’s intimidating lap, with her legs encased in rich fashionable nylon.

If you like being spanked over a woman’s knee, I am the lady for you.I am very much aware of the erotic benefits that a good hard spanking can achieve!  Spanking is an art form in itself, and requires skill, practice, patience, and power. And I am a master at it!

Receiving a spanking over the knee, from a beautiful woman such as me, induces chemical changes in the brain rushing from nerve centres to release endorphins into the body. The feeling of lying face down across my lap I guarantee will be a fantastic and exhilarating experience for you!

As you lay across my intimidating nylon clad thighs having your naughty bottom spanked, you will be overwhelmed by the intoxicating odour of leather heels, fully fashioned black seamed stockings. How will you handle this moment you have craved for such a long time, as your head starts to swim with the aroma as my Shanghai Lily perfume fills your nostrils, with lust and desire, as your head trails the floor you incessantly glare in shameless admiration at my sexy high heels and strong powerful legs.

The hem of my skirt falls away from the seat of the chair to reveal my black stocking tops, as I spank your naughty bottom harder, and harder!  You’re so excited by the site of my eye candy your bottom rises up to meet its impending tormentor as I pound your bare ass without mercy, with my powerful right hand. Umm!! How soon can you book!!


Professional London .Central European assertive Lady offering and services. +447572 707373 [email protected]

London, England
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