London Mistresses – Xela Xaste


I am an attractive, intelligent and very experienced dominant woman.

I can be frighteningly strict.

I am constantly creating different forms of punishment and roleplay so I can
provide whatever is deemed necessary.

I will punish and humiliate, tease and arouse you without you knowing
which is coming next…

I’m a blonde/redhead depending on the week so expect the unexpected!
I’m also completely unshaven. I’m 5’10” in my bare feet so 6’3″ in my high heels.
I have a curvy hourglass figure , slim waist, fair freckly supple skin,
large breasts and long slim legs.

I have various venues in London where I can meet you.

Contact me on: 07751 447 548

or [email protected]

In loving severity,

Governess Xela Xaste (pronounced Chella Chaste)

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