London Mistress Morana


Driven by HER boundless imagination, SHE loves to exercise the boundaries of your psychological and physical endurance. SHE will entrance you into obedience with HER feminine cruelty and discipline. SHE will embrace your fetishes, while revealing the new ones. SHE will seduce you into letting HER taste your bitter sweet mortality at the tip of HER snakelike tongue. Like a black mamba SHE will bite your skin, while the sharp stroke of HER snakewhip will cut your flesh open; and with the bloodthirsty eyes of a vulture SHE will watch your body bleed and your life force drain. PAIN giving is HER specialty. Extreme bullwhipping and caning, electrical play and needles, Japanese bondage and restraint, nipple torture and CBT, feminisation, and roleplay are amongst her ultimate fetishes.

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