London Mistresses – Goddess Ananda

I am highly intuitive and innovative Goddess Ananda, timeless expression of the feminine divine within. I came from far stars to teach you new ways of interacting on more subtle levels.
I lived a normal human life and worked as a Mistress and as an artist ( I have 7 years professional experience in BDSM ) until I was activated as a starseed 3 years ago and reconnected with my galactic origin. I found out that part of my soul originates from the Arcturus star system and that I have very special talents to share with you and I can heal people on different levels- emotional, mental, spiritual and also physical. I therefore decided to blend in my skills as an energy healer (crystal healing Therapist and Angelic Reiki) and developed the spiritual /consensual BDSM theme whereby I successfully conjugate the art of domination with the spiritual healing, a mix of deep meditation, eroticism and ritual. Spiritual touch of Reiki and crystal healing amplifies the sense of unification, emotional link, produces a deep feeling of relaxation and some trance like states, contributing to harmonisation of the body’s energy field, releasing stagnant emotions and traumas also healing physical ailments. You can read more about Reiki/ crystal healing on my website.
Talking about my kinks and turn-ons , I love getting into meditative states engaging myself with you in a slow Japanese bondage or Shibari session with a sense of light domination while whispering into your ear, soft play, tie and tease, edging , scentplay, nippleplay , heelworhip , footfetish, foot massage ( being given ), roleplay, electrical play, , light spanking , light caning, light whipping, CBT, sissification, breathplay, chastity, financial domination, kidnapping, alien abduction and many many more. But amongst all I also offer spiritual extracorporeal experience known as OBE, it is also called a ‘mini death’ or ‘ego death’ experience.

My sessions are usually modified to fit into 90 minutes, either in a domestic ( N10 area ) or dungeon environment ( various locations in London ) , depending on the type of the session, with the first 30 min involving energy healing ( on a special Reiki bed ) and BDSM play thereafter.

Visit me, trust me, and you will never be the same again!!

I also perform 60 min Reiki/ Crystal healing sessions only and distant healing via Skype.

INCALLS & OUTCALLS ( only to 4/5star hotels ) are available.

+44 (0) 7529 395876